FlashRF Manager Software

DeltaTrak’s custom software, the FlashRF Manager, is used to set up and navigate the network of FlashLink Wireless RF Loggers which feature temperature data logging capability to ensure data continues to be recorded even during communication interruption. The software works with GUI images of custom floor plan topology, creating multi-level structures of your facilities. Icons placed on the floor plan represent RF Wireless Loggers, Repeaters, and Receivers, and are bound directly to the actual system components to allow for viewing of real-time data. Users can easily navigate to any data logger by clicking on its icon and displaying an info window showing the last 30 hours of temperature and humidity readings for that sensor. Data is reported, archived, and emailed as a graph or table, using Excel and Text formats. Out-of-range conditions are alerted on the PC screen, with the option of sending email notices and text messages to appropriate personnel. Corrective actions can be taken immediately in order to avoid compromising product integrity.


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