Cold Chain iToken

Cold Chain iToken is a low cost solution for auditing the supply chain to determine if temperature abuse has occurred, where and when it happened, and who is responsible. Using a patented barcode system, it creates an audit trail to verify and document that products have been kept under correct temperature conditions. When the barcode is scanned by a smart phone or industrial reader, a cloud-based application captures and stores information: date, time, name of person scanning, Cold Chain iToken serial number, quality code, reader identification, and location. Users can also link additional information to the Cold Chain iToken by typing in delivery notes, taking a photo (e.g. damaged product), and scanning a second barcode, such as a product or lot code, or customer order number. Every time the Cold Chain iToken is scanned, a message is sent back to the reader, indicating the condition of the label at that given time. Messages can be customized, color coded, and in multiple languages. ColdTrak cloud-based service can also send user defined email and text message alerts to selected personnel who can take immediate action when temperature abuse is indicated.

Seafood Application

Good cold chain management and proper temperature control are essential for safe and sanitary handling of seafood products. The Cold Chain iToken is a cost-effective solution for documenting compliance with the Seafood HACCP Regulation, CFR 21 Part 123, and FDA Fish and Fishery Hazards and Controls Guidance. The Cold Chain iToken measures accumulated temperature abuse and can be used from harvest vessels and suppliers, to processors, distributors and wholesalers, all the way to restaurants or stores. The Cold Chain iToken is scanned at each stop along a shipping route to indicate and document temperature conditions at the time of delivery.

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