FlashLink® Mini Multi-Use Data Logger

Model 30024

  • Ideal for data logging and documenting storage and transport conditions of temperature sensitive products.
  • User Programmable: manual or automatic start, sample interval, alarm limits, data tags
  • Easily downloads to a PC using 8-Pin to USB Adapter
  • NIST traceable and CE Mark
Applications: Produce, Prepared Foods, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Storage Units, Refrigerators

Using a USB adapter customers can easily program the mini data logger and download recorded data to a PC. The user can set up certain parameters, such as sampling intervals, high and low alarm limits, immediate or manual start-up, skip alarm and alarm delay, and to record data in loop mode or automatically stop when memory is full. Downloaded temperature history is displayed as a PDF document with a graph and summary data, such as highest and lowest temperatures reached, average temperature, time spent in alarm, degree minutes, and when the logger was started, stopped and downloaded.

The DeltaTrak FlashLink® Mini Multi-Use Data Logger is ideal for customers looking for a low cost temperature data logger that can be programmed and reused. The FlashLink® Mini Multi-Use data logger can be used in production and processing areas, or anywhere that tracking of temperature sensitive commodities or environmental conditions is needed. The data logger's sensor operates within a range of -40°C (-40°F) to 66°C (150°F).