Jumbo Display Thermo-Hygrometer

Model 13307

  • Internal temperature and humidity sensors
  • External temperature probe
  • Freeze alert
  • °C/°F selectable
  • Jumbo display for temperature and humidity
  • Min/Max memory - lowest and highest readings stored for instant recall
  • Low Battery Indication
Applications: Food Distribution, Storage Areas, Hospitals, Pharmacies, Blood Banks, Greenhouses, Broiler Houses, Hatcheries, Clean Rooms, Walk-in Coolers

Applications: Used for monitoring environmental conditions during food distribution and in storage areas, ripening rooms, greenhouses, and more.

Monitor the temperature and relative humidity in hospitals, pharmacies, blood banks, greenhouses, broiler houses, hatcheries, clean rooms and walk-in coolers with the Jumbo Display Thermo Hygrometer, Model 13307. This thermo hygrometer features a large LCD screen, is °F/°C switchable, minimum/maximum readings memory, freeze alarm setting option and external thermistor probe with extension cable.